Phoenix Institute of Australia

History of Phoenix

Founder of the Phoenix Institute

Martin Peake

Martin founded the Phoenix Institute of Australia with Dr Rafael Locke in 1996. It was established to provide quality, holistic, arts based and transpersonal education courses for people seeking a more humanistic and psycho-spiritual approach to counselling, therapy and healing.
 Prior to this Martin worked at RMIT University and was a founding member of the Centre for Archetypal Studies at La Trobe University. He travelled extensively to Mexico and Peru researching traditional healing models and taught in the transpersonal programs and developed curriculum for the last 17 years.

In 2013 he employed Bill Gale to become the CEO to take over full responsibility of managing the Phoenix Institute. Bill, with his administrative and academic team, is expanding the range of courses and programs to provide broader educational opportunities for students in Australia and overseas. 


Since 1996, over 1200 students have graduated from Phoenix courses thus expanding an ever-growing network of professionals motivated to furthering this holistic work into the wider community.

 Phoenix graduates come from all walks of life including government and non-government agencies such as schools, welfare and human services, nursing and professional vocations, the arts and other related areas. Many students who enrol are mature age and often experiencing life transitions or want to work more authentically with people.

Phoenix has over 320 full and part time students studying holistic and transpersonal counselling, dance movement therapy, hypnotherapy and art therapy. Phoenix is both a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 21582) in the VET sector and, since 2010, a registered Higher Education Provider (6531) under the Commonwealth Government’s Higher Education Support Act (2003) (HESA). This ensures Phoenix’s facilities; staff and courses are equivalent in standard to courses leading to a qualification of that level in a similar field in other Australian Higher Education and TAFE institutions.  Phoenix also delivers a Degree program: Bachelor of Holistic Counselling. Currently Phoenix is delivering courses in Dance Movement Therapy, Art Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Transpersonal Counselling and more.

Phoenix courses also attract VET Fee Help, Fee Help (H.E), Austudy and in some courses, SkillsVic funding. In addition, Phoenix Institute of Australia is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS, No. 02701K).

In January 2015, Phoenix was sold to Australian Careers Network and will continue to operate as Phoenix.