Phoenix Institute of Australia

Values & Vision

Phoenix respects each individual’s search for meaning, and is respectful of the views and belief systems of its students. Phoenix students are exposed to cognitive approaches to psychotherapy, as well as to experiential modes of healing engaging the full spectrum of human consciousness. Phoenix invests in a vision of a community tolerant of individuality, fostering counsellors and therapists who are able to validate and support meaning in their clients’ experiences.

For such a community to be viable, students take on an attitude of personal responsibility for their own self development, so that they become models of exemplary practice for their clients. Phoenix seeks to become a model for how an educational institution can support the emergence of more ‘conscious’ individuals who aspire towards authenticity and who can build communities and be connected to their environment. It is the dedicated goal of the Phoenix Institute to foster a new generation of integrated practitioners and thereby bring psycho-spiritual work into the mainstream of therapeutic practice.

The Phoenix Institute is founded upon the principle that both individual healing and collective evolution begin with an individual’s willingness to transform themselves into a ‘whole’ person, encompassing body, mind, spirit and environment.