Phoenix Institute of Australia

About Phoenix

Leaders in Holistic Education

The Phoenix Institute aspires to become a world class education provider in holistic counselling and related therapies. In particular, Phoenix is undertaking further research and development to provide professional psycho-spiritual approaches to wellbeing and management of mental and spiritual health. Added to this, Phoenix continues to combine both scientific disciplines with traditional and indigenous models of health.

Phoenix’s vocational and academic programs aim to expand upon mainstream psychotherapeutic approaches by providing an academic framework for the transpersonal and holistic paradigms. The Institute seeks to engage students in serious and practical enquiry into the full diversity of human experience that is supported by supervised research into human potentials.

The Transpersonal and Holistic Approach

Phoenix has a special focus on the transpersonal model - a holistic model based on self awareness, creativity and authenticity. Phoenix offers vocational education in specialist psycho-spiritual modalities, primarily through the Bachelor of Holistic Counselling and the two Advanced Diploma courses of Transpersonal Counselling and Transpersonal Art Therapy.

 Phoenix also offers a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The transpersonal approach deals with all of the common human problems that professional counsellors and psychologists encounter. The goal of healing is not to adjust to the prevailing society, but to assist clients, through greater self-awareness by accessing their own human potentials.  Phoenix courses are holistic in that we study the whole person, not just symptom identification and treatment. Instead, students explore with the client their pathway toward healing and transformation in a humanistic and meaningful way.

Phoenix is an environment where you can learn through first hand experience the importance of finding humanistic understandings and ways of being that allow us to live in supportive relationships, affirming communities and in harmony with our natural environment.

On-going Professional Development

Phoenix also provides extensive professional development opportunities through its workshops, talks, seminars and counselling supervision programs. These provide a valuable service for people interested in spirituality, personal development and for professionals and those interested in psycho-spiritual education, art therapy and further training. 
 When you choose to study at Phoenix, you become part of the growing network of students and graduates, both in Australia and internationally, working in the wider community supporting holistic and psycho-spiritual health therapies.