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Currently, the Phoenix Institute is involved in a number of international projects supporting indigenous communities in Peru. In particular Phoenix is funding projects that support and maintain the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Japu Q'eros in the Peruvian Andes not far from Cusco.

Current projects include:

1. Hosting a web site for the "Taki Museum" which supports
indigenous musical instruments and traditions in Peru
(see "").

2. Building a cultural centre and accommodation facility in
Japu Q'eros.

3. Purchasing traditional weavings for international sale
Japu Q'eros is community of 75 families live in a very isolated region rarely visited by outsiders.

The Japu Q'eros fled the Spanish conquest in 1521 in order to preserve their cultural and spiritual traditions that date back to Inca times.
They have a rich shamanic tradition and still maintain their traditional ceremonies and practices.


Japu Q'eros Shamans

The traditional shamanic traditions are still practiced by the men. This ritual is to assist in the fertility of the male alpaca.

Japu Q'eros Women Weaving

The women spin and weave beautiful ceremonial rugs, mats and ponchos. They also use natural colours collected from the jungle.

Community Meeting

The small community, in their traditional costumes gather for a meeting. The Japu Q'eros rarely have visitors but are keen to be more involved in selling their crafts. Though rich in culture, the community is very poor financially living a subsistence life, little money and with little contact with the outside world.