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What students have to say about Transpersonal Art Therapy

I can honestly say my experiences and what I have learnt has manifested on many levels. My personal development will totally aid my authentic processes, in which will be projected through to my skills as a Transpersonal Art Therapist.

This whole diploma has had a profound effect on my life, shifting my energy and focusing on what, I have in the now….

Michelle Hirt Transpersonal Art Therapist

Phoenix changed my life. It was my soul's journey towards empowerment, through darkness and light, discovering new ways of feeling, sensing, communicating, thinking and living. I redescovered the power of choosing and living a more creative reality. Thank you for the magic.

Ana-Caterina Bedivan Transpersonal Art Therapist and International Student from Romania

Phoenix Institute has fulfilled my strong quest for life, broadened my mind's vision and ached for my hand's skill.
The Transpersonal Art Therapy course is endless abundance!

Lucy Wang, Transpersonal Art Therapist

What students have to say about Transpersonal Counselling:

"All I can say is that Transpersonal Counselling has tightened my perspective on connecting with humanity"

Mariana Waldhart , Transpersonal Counsellor

"The Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling developed me on so many levels. Not only did the content equip me with unique skills to facilitate greater awareness, healing, and growth in the lives of others, but it also facilitated the development of my own personal vision for the sort of positive role that I want to play in the world today. On a personal level I highly recommend this course as an education in a way of living and being that every person with a passion for self-exploration and personal growth should experience."

Chris Morgan, Transpersonal Counsellor