Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy


Why study this course?

The Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy is a nationally recognised course by the national regulator the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and is designed to equip you with the skills required to work as an art therapist in the community services sector or in private practice.

The course provides the skills and knowledge essential for
art therapy practice including: working with clients, working with groups, life transformation, grief, loss, risk management, children and life transitions and case management.

Course overview

The Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy is a creative and enriching experience. One does not need to be an artist or have artistic talent to complete this course. Art therapy is a client-centred process and each module deepens the theory and practice of working creatively with the client by using paint, clay, music, movement and dance.

The first part of the art therapy course is orientated towards applying art therapy self-awareness techniques and methods to gain insight into one’s personal mythology and creative unconscious. Transpersonal work is about seeing behind the mask and attempting to experience greater authenticity and creativity in one’s life. It also combines mainstream art therapy theory with traditional healing models and techniques that demonstrate how different cultural beliefs use art in their healing practices and rituals. This learning includes participating in clay work, ritual, group art pieces, case study analysis and a range of creative techniques.

Because most of our students are mature age, we assume they do have significant life experience and wisdom. This experience is then informed by transpersonal knowledge, so the counsellor/ therapist develops his or her own unique style and emphasis.

The second part of the course directs students towards the application of art therapy techniques when working with clients or groups. Students also learn about mainstream mental health models because this is how most people benchmark their mental health. But one of the significant diversions from mainstream approaches is the transpersonal discovery of spiritual crisis and emergence – “break through” not “breakdown” and the relationship between mental health and spiritual experience.

It is a very creative journey facilitated by well trained staff in a supportive group and safe environment.

Further, students learn client-centred therapeutic techniques, case management, ethics, use of appropriate materials, working with different populations, legal obligations and setting up an art therapy practice.   Students also complete 100 hours of supervised placement and ongoing supervision in the class.

Career outcomes

This course is particularly relevant for those who wish to gain employment in organisations such as art therapy/counselling services, government agencies, alcohol and drug centres, rehabilitation, community health centres, outreach services, residential services, elderly, disability, refugee support services, youth centres and women’s health centres, men’s health services, schools, corrections and private practice.

What to do next

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