Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy


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Melbourne Campus
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Course Co-ordinator

Lloyd Volkwyn
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Counsellor


Lloyd’s initial training is a professional background in accounting and business management.  He is a clinical hypnotherapist and transpersonal counsellor, and is a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.  Lloyd has long been associated with the Phoenix Institute of Australia as both lecturer in Transpersonal Counselling and Transpersonal Art Therapy; and as strategic advisor to the Institute.  For several years he practiced as a Counsellor for the Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University.

During the mid to late 90’s he joined Victor Sanchez’ nagual party in Mexico, and trained in the Toltec approach to non-ordinary reality and Toltec shamanism.   He has a passion for navigating pathways into altered states of consciousness, to engage the full spectrum of human awareness toward healing outcomes.

Lloyd developed the accredited, nationally recognised Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, which is delivered at the Phoenix Institute in Melbourne.  This comprehensive hypnotherapy course has a dual emphasis: to develop skill and expertise in a) the clinical treatment model and b) the exciting holistic, transpersonal applications in therapeutic work.

Why study this course?

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a nationally accredited qualification, which has been designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and to gain membership in the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association), HCA (Hypnothearpy Council of Australia) and ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists).

It provides a grounding in hypnosis (susceptibility, inductions, deepening, suggestion, etc), and then builds on those skills to train you in the art of applying hypnosis in therapy.  Becoming competent and effective in therapy requires a dual emphasis: first that you know what to do i.e. to become a technical expert, and second, that you develop the qualities of being authentic and congruent in terms of your own reactions and beliefs.

Course overview

Hypnosis is an exciting and relevant qualification in the field of therapy and counselling.  It has been used in one form or another since the earliest recorded human experience. The history of hypnosis demonstrates how it has evolved and changed over the centuries, to present day applications of modern and traditional techniques supported by evidence based outcomes.  In this context hypnotherapy is largely applied as a treatment model e.g. treating fears and phobias, anxiety, weight-loss, stop smoking, etc.

However, an increasing number of researchers are identifying how uniquely suited hypnotherapy is to transpersonal applications through its technologies for state change, and what Stephen Gilligan calls “generative mind” (i.e. a consciousness model).   We are therefore beginning to see a reawakening of the potential of hypnosis in transpersonal applications for realising human potential. 

This Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy embraces the clinical and transpersonal approaches to the practice of Hypnotherapy.  It is structured around two learning objectives:

Learning Objective 1:
The course provides a thorough understanding of Hypnotherapy practice in its clinical application, with the emphasis on treatment.  Students learn the techniques of hypnosis and suggestion, and how to apply hypnosis in therapy: ego state therapy, ideomotor questioning, Gestalt Empty Chair, hypnoanalysis, age regression, abstract regression, Neurolinguistic Programming modelling of behaviour and experience, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Advanced techniques for uncovering and treating specific outcomes are included in the clinical applications.
Learning Objective 2:

The course also provides the student opportunity for growth and self-discovery leading to the development of personal confidence and self-awareness.  The objective of the course is for the student to be a competent, self-aware facilitator of change.

Hypnotherapy may be used as a process for meaningful change, which the client engages in to achieve their own healing outcomes. So, you are encouraged to approach the study of hypnotherapy as a “mindfulness” or “experiential” encounter, and not simply as an academic intellectual exercise. 

A range of hypnotherapy techniques are demonstrated, and students become skilled in applying those techniques through role play, case study, and practice.  The emphasis throughout is on applying the techniques and processes in working with clients, with over 200 hours of supervised practice in the class.

The study of hypnotherapy is contained within a client-centered counselling framework. Students learn codes of conduct, ethics, legal requirements and working in a multi-cultural environment.

Career outcomes

This course is relevant to individuals who wish to enter private Clinical Hypnotherapy practice, or who wish to work in organisations providing counselling services, such as: government agencies, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres, community health centres, outreach and residential services, refugee support services, youth centres, women’s clinics, men’s health centres, corrections and many other human services environments.

What to do next?

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