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What is Phoenix’s Diploma of Mind Body Medicine?

The Diploma of Mind Body Medicine (10003NAT) is taught from the foundation of Holistic Kinesiology, an advanced form of integrated Kinesiology training. It is a combination of the most flexible and profound tools available to the practitioner to assess and treat psycho-physiological conditions beyond the presenting symptoms down to the primary causative levels.

The Diploma of Mind Body Medicine incorporates effective correction techniques drawn predominantly from the disciplines of Holistic Kinesiology and expands on the deeper elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including the practical applications of Homoeopathy.

Course overview

Phoenix’s new Mind Body Medicine Diploma is an integration of Eastern and Western disciplines recognising the integral relationship between the mind and body for optimal wellbeing. The mind and body are interdependent on each other and as such their relationship is recognised as a truly symbiotic one.  The holistic approach addresses physiological and emotional issues deep within the mind by applying a multi-level range of assessment techniques, counselling processes and the release of accumulated stress by applying effective techniques which include, for example, acupressure and a variety of other specific Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine techniques. These holistic techniques assist clients to heal and to achieve the desired transformation in their lives.

When limiting or restrictive patterns that underlie specific issues are identified through the holistic assessment techniques, these patterns can be changed to enhance the client’s wellbeing. Phoenix’s Mind Body Medicine training teaches students to assess and interact with the client in a profound way at a much deeper level, discovering and resolving issues at a causal level, which has influenced their perception, behaviour, lifestyle and of course their health and ultimate wellbeing.

Phoenix’s Mind Body Medicine training is for students who have an interest in complementary medicine or who want to work in complementary medicine and in the health field. This course is relevant for those who wish to gain employment in positions where integrated mind body medicine approaches are practiced – for example, working with long term chronic or acute conditions, structural and pain related conditions, life change or psychological state change, to name but a few. The skills gained by graduates are effective in achieving lasting change in many clinical conditions.

Why Study Mind Body Medicine at Phoenix Institute?

Students choose Phoenix because it provides a holistic approach with appropriate knowledge and skills to promote wellness in clients. This is achieved by understanding and addressing the underlying causal elements of acute and chronic conditions located within the interconnections of mind and body. Phoenix graduates learn how to use client centred counselling and gentle physical release techniques that are effective in assisting clients to enhance their overall wellbeing.
Phoenix’s teachers are recognised leaders in their chosen fields with clinical and teaching experience to train students to acquire the skills they will need to confidently work in their professional practices.

Double Diploma

Alongside the Diploma of Mind Body Medicine, Phoenix also offers a Diploma of Kinesiology. If a student decides to study at Phoenix they have the option, by studying two further units, of gaining a double Diploma qualification in both Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology.

Diploma of Kinesiology Units:

Energetic Medicine
Energetic Medicine examines vibrational therapies, for example, essences, sound tools, colour and more. Emphasis is on understanding the Chakra system and its relationship to the glands and hormones in the body. The subject explores how attitudes, thoughts and feelings influence the client’s wellbeing and students are taught a variety of techniques that assist in balancing the client’s ‘energetics’.

Neurological Approaches
This subject includes the traditional Chinese technique applying acupuncture points to enhance improvements, for example, in brain function, memory, senses integration, balance, speech and reading.  The Social Nervous System impacts on relationships, learning, hearing, expression, self-soothing and long-term health. This subject analyses ‘Primitive’ and ‘Postural’ reflexes and students are taught the ‘full primitive’ and ‘postural reflex’ assessments that can assist with integrating these reflexes. It is helpful in a wide range of conditions including assisting kids and adults with learning difficulties, assisting people with a wide range of neurological conditions relating to effective brain function and in attaining peak performance

Advanced Training Pathways: Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine (10358NAT)
Having qualified from the Diploma of Kinesiology or the Diploma of Mind Body Medicine, graduates have the option of continuing to develop their skill by enrolling in the Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine (10358NAT). The Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine enables graduates to gain credit towards the Bachelor Degree of Health Sciences in Complementary Medicine, majoring in Holistic Kinesiology offered by Charles Sturt University. Graduates from the Phoenix Diploma of Kinesiology or the Diploma of Mind Body Medicine will have the option to enrol in the Bachelor degree and commence their Bachelor studies in either the part time or distance options. For more information you can contact Phoenix Institute.

Career Outcomes

Students gain a professional qualification that prepares their career path in complementary medicine. It also provides personal development opportunities through self-exploration and gaining a deeper understanding of the human condition. This program qualifies Graduates with the skills to work in rewarding career in the growing filed of mind body holistic medicine.  Phoenix graduates can use the qualification to embark upon or expand their own practice, to specialise in specific areas such as:
  - chronic diseases
  - fertility enhancement
  - fatigue
  - recovery from traumatic events
  -  anxiety
  - depression
  - life purpose/direction identification and/or possible change
  -  relationships
  -  physical pain to give just some examples,

Graduates will be skilled to confidently establish themselves in general practice after acquiring the tools and skills to restore optimal function within any and all the systems of the human body/mind potentials.

Graduates can choose to work independently or in an integrative medicine clinic working along side other medical professionals. Mind Body Medicine complements other forms of medicine, complementary and allopathic, and has shown to have some advantages when resolving many of the chronic conditions that are prevalent today. Graduates can play a leading role in helping people regain self-empowerment, especially in regards to their health and physical/emotional wellbeing.

Further Information

Please email to book your place for the next Information Evening (see website and also receive information pack.
If you are interested in applying for the course, please complete the Application Form and to enrol in Melbourne campus call on 03 9510 4264 to book in for an interview which is the first step in the enrolment process.