Phoenix Institute of Australia


Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct has been formulated to provide a clear statement of Phoenix Institute’s expectations of students in respect of academic matters and personal behaviour.  Engaging in coursework at the Institute presents opportunities for interacting with other members of the Phoenix Institute community. Phoenix Institute recognises and values the diversity of student experiences and expectations and is committed to treating students, both academically and personally, in a fair, supportive and transparent manner.  All students, in return, are required to comply with the requirements outlined in this Code of Conduct.


This Code of Conduct applies to all students of Phoenix Institute Australia, in all states, in respect of all actions and activities (including inaction or inactivity) relating to or impacting on Phoenix Institute or its students and employees. It must be read in conjunction with the Student Handbook and associated policies and procedures.


Phoenix Institute reaffirms its commitment to:

  •  high academic standards, intellectual rigour, professional excellence and a high quality education;
  •  intellectual freedom and social responsibility;
  •  recognition of the importance of ideas and pursuit of critical and open inquiry;
  •  tolerance, honesty and respect as the hallmarks of relationships throughout the community; and
  •  high standards of ethical behaviour and professional integrity .

All students are required to be aware of and act in accordance with these values.


In this Student Code of Conduct:

  • Student means all students of Phoenix Institute of Australia, including but not limited to fee paying students, FEE-Help students and international students.
  • Employee means all staff of Phoenix Institute of Australia, (including full-time, part-time or casual staff) both academic staff and operational staff.

Personal conduct

All students must:

  •  Treat all employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers, any other members of the public and other students with respect, dignity, impartiality, courtesy and sensitivity;
  •  Maintain a cooperative and collaborative approach to interpersonal relationships;
  •  Act honestly and ethically in their dealings with Phoenix Institute employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers, any other members of the public and other students;
  •  Respect the privacy of employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public and other students;
  •  Ensure that they do not act in a manner that unnecessarily or unreasonably impedes the ability of employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public and other students to carry out their study, research or work at Phoenix Institute, including in Phoenix Institute of Australia Library, classrooms and laboratories;
  •  Ensure that they do not act in a manner that unnecessarily or unreasonably impedes the ability of employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public or other students to access or use the resources of Phoenix Institute, including Phoenix Institute of Australia Library resources, lecture theatres and laboratories;
  •  Ensure that they do not become involved in or encourage discrimination against or harassment or bullying of employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public or other students;
  •  Adhere to the obligation to inform themselves of Phoenix Institute’s rules and policies affecting them;
  •  Ensure their contact details in Wisenet and Student Login on the Phoenix website are up to date and that they regularly read all emails sent to their nominated email address;
  •  Identify themselves truthfully when required to do so by an institute staff member and produce their student card on request to a Phoenix Institute staff member who is fulfilling the requirements of their duties;
  •  Not advertise or promote any personal business activities, events or programs to other Phoenix students or staff, in any manner whatsoever including verbally, in writing or by email in order to avoid any impact on student learning as dual relationships can impact on collegiate relationships in class; and
  •  Be aware that social media (i.e. Facebook) should not be used to engage in inappropriate discussions about other Phoenix students or staff or Phoenix operations. It is policy in Phoenix that if any issues occur, the individual needs to approach the person concerned and resolve differences or obtain further information as necessary.  Individual privacy must be respected at all times.

Academic Conduct

All students must:

  •  Ensure that their enrolment and progress in their award course is lawful and consistent with the statutes, rule and resolutions of Phoenix Institute of Australia;
  •  Maintain current awareness of information in the student information system, and observe key dates and deadlines;
  •  Read all official correspondence from Phoenix Institute, including email;
  •   Act ethically and honestly in the preparation, conduct, submission and publication of academic work, and during all forms of assessment, including formal examinations and informal tests;
  •   Avoid any activity or behaviour that would unfairly advantage or disadvantage another student academically;
  •  Behave professionally, ethically and respectfully in all dealings with Phoenix Institute’s industry partners during placements and; Use Phoenix Institute resources, including information and communication technology resources, in a lawful and ethical manner and for Phoenix Institute-related purposes only, unless express permission has been granted for non-Phoenix Institute or private usage;
  •  Not engage in plagiarism or other academic misconduct;
  •  Conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the proper functioning of Phoenix Institute, which is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence;
  •  Actively participate in the learning process ;
  •  Attend scheduled course teaching activities and submit assessment tasks in a timely fashion, unless unforeseen or exceptional circumstances arise;
  •  Comply with the conventions of academic standards and respectful use of copyright material;
  •  Ensure their academic activities are conducted safely and do not place others at risk of harm, including abiding by all ethics requirements In relation to that research;
  •  Be familiar with the programs and resources available to assist them in conducting their studies and research appropriately, including resources to help students avoid plagiarism and to comply with the ethics requirements of research;
  •  Be familiar with the Student Behaviour Policy and Procedures which provide guidance and examples in relation to academic misconduct; and
  •  Not behave in any way which impairs the reasonable freedom of other persons to pursue their studies, work or research or to participate in the activities of Phoenix Institute.

Equity and respect

Students are expected to:

  •  Treat all Phoenix Institute staff, other students, and visitors to the Phoenix Institute with courtesy, tolerance and respect. This extends to teaching staff in venues off- campus and online, and supervisors and others involved in workplace or clinical placements or other practicum including professional development lecture series.
  •  Respect the rights of others to be treated equitably, free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, thereby under no circumstances to engage in behaviour that is unlawful, discriminatory, harassing, or bullying or that may adversely impact on the education of another student.
  •  Respect the rights of others to express political and religious views and not engage in behaviour that is obscene, dangerous or could reasonably be considered to be offensive to others.
  •  Not engage in any behaviour that is perceived to be threatening or intimidating or causes any person to fear for their personal safety or well-being.

Phoenix Institute resources and reputation

Students are expected to:

  •  Use and care for all Phoenix Institute resources, such as buildings, equipment and grounds, library, information and communication technology resources, in a lawful and ethical manner, mindful of the need for resources to be shared by all members of Phoenix Institute community;
  •  Ensure their actions do not harm, or bring in to disrepute, Phoenix Institute’s reputation or good standing;
  •  Not engage in behaviour that is detrimental to Phoenix Institute property, including the Phoenix Institute Library collection;
  •  Not participate in any learning activity, such as, tutorials, placement or class, whilst under the influence of alcohol or other drugs;
  •  Not use, possess or supply any prohibited drug, substance or weapon on campus;
  •  Not misuse library, computing or communications facilities in a manner which is unlawful or which will be detrimental to the rights and properties of others;
  •  Not use the Phoenix Institute’s name, resources or reputation for private gain or the gain of a third party, or private business or commercial purposes, without prior permission;
  •  Not engage in any fraudulent or corrupt conduct; and
  •  Comply with Phoenix policies and procedures.