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Student Handbook

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Withdrawal/Deferral Form

Withdrawal/Deferral Form 

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The library at Phoenix in Melbourne has over 3000 specialised books and over 100 DVDs. Students can join and borrow books and other resources. Students will also have access to other libraries in the Melbourne CBD. Phoenix also has a computer laboratory, research facilities and study rooms.

The library at Phoenix’s Sydney campus has approximately 200 reference books and over 100 articles. Students also have access to the Hornsby Library.

Computer Services

Computer Lab

Phoenix also has a computer laboratory, research facilities and study rooms.

Phoenix Website Wisenet Login

Students can have access to our online resources through Wisenet login. Please refer to the document on how to use Wisenet.

How to access Phoenix e-learing (Moodle) resources 

Student Supervision Program

Phoenix in Melbourne provides ongoing one-to-one or group supervision for students and graduates during and after the courses. Several groups meet on a fortnightly basis to gain counselling/art therapy supervision hours for professional development. Students at Phoenix’s Sydney campus are supported and guided through their studies by the tutor who conducts their tutorials.

Professional Development Program

Phoenix provides a yearly ongoing Professional Development Program of speakers, workshops, conferences and social activities. This provides opportunities for current students and graduates to network and build the Phoenix community.

See: Workshops and (Faculty Courses, Transpersonal Development Courses).

Student Mentoring Program (Melbourne only)

Phoenix provides a Student Mentoring Program which is very rewarding for the students and their mentors. The mentor’s role is to support and encourage you throughout your studies.

You can contact each other by phone, email and face-to-face. Please ask us about the mentoring program at Phoenix if you are interested in being involved. After graduation, you can become a mentor yourself and return some of the support you received.

Students with disabilities

Phoenix is committed to enhancing study opportunities for all students. Wherever possible, Phoenix will provide access to necessary facilities. Early advice concerning your needs makes provision of these facilities much easier.

Student Support Services

Contact here

Student wellbeing services

Phoenix has a qualified Student Wellbeing coordinator to assist students in dealing with a range of issues that arise from the course, and to provide appropriate resourcing. Phoenix can also refer students to counselling and other appropriate services, as required.

Student concerns and appeals

If you have a concern about another student or staff member, please contact the Student Wellbeing coordinator and ask for a copy of the Student Grievance Policy. Phoenix is committed to the principles of negotiation and mediation in dealing with concerns or appeals that students may have.

The process for dealing with complaints relates to:

  • assessment
  • treatment of students by other students
  • curriculum
  • academic appeals
  • placements
  • tutors
  • other matters as they arise.

Phoenix will take all reasonable steps to ensure its academic assessment processes are fair and objective, and applied consistently.

Phoenix recognises the right of students, where reasonable grounds exist, to appeal against an academic assessment. Phoenix will ensure academic appeals are dealt with quickly, impartially and informally. Where a concern about an academic decision is not resolved informally, the General Manager will become involved to assist in resolving outstanding issues.