Phoenix Institute of Australia


Study-life Balance

Studying at Phoenix involves personal commitment and the ability to self-reflect on the learning process. It is a course that cannot be done in a detached way because it involves you in deep personal work to creatively explore who you are and how you got there.

When attending Phoenix courses, it is important that you have a supportive community so you are able to talk about your journey and experience with non-critical partners, friends and colleagues.

For the VET Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses, which delivery mode should l choose, ‘Intensive’ or ‘Two years’?

VET is vocational education and training and therefore it is more experiential and the learning is geared towards skilling for employment and industry needs.

Intensive. The one-year delivery is quite demanding. We would recommend not doing more than 20 hours of paid employment work per week. The week in between Modules requires on average 15 hours study and reading time to complete each written assessment task.

This delivery mode requires your full attention to keep up with the written requirements and also to process the learning content, particularly when it involves self-reflection and personal exploration.

It is also important to be able to keep actively involved in your outside life, your relationships and to engage in activities from time to time that are quite unrelated to the course. In other words, this course involves indepth work so it is important that you also balance this with fun activities to bring you out as well.

When contemplating this delivery remember that it needs to be your main priority for the year so it is necessary that you will not be financially stressed and that you will have the time to integrate the material and do your assignments. If a student tries to do too much their course and personal life could suffer.

Two year. This course takes two years and is less intensive and there is ample time between modules to absorb the content and self reflect. Students who choose this delivery usually are working full time or have family and other commitments that regularly need attention.

Students who choose this option usually have other important responsibilities in their lives that involve time and commitment.

Both course deliveries are excellent learning experience but always be practical and sensible. When you decide which delivery mode, the main consideration would be to have sufficient time to focus on your work and not have too many other distractions or obligations.

For the Bachelor course, should I choose full time or part time?

The full time Bachelor course is quite different from the VET courses. The Bachelor involves more reading and research and emphasis on written work and cognitive development. Although the Bachelor is experiential, greater emphasis is on analysis, development of ideas and their articulation in essay writing.

The full time course is demanding though the class contact is less intensive. For example a full time course is made up of four Subjects per semester that run concurrently with a total of 168 hours over 14 weeks. Some Subjects are 3 hours a week for 14 weeks. Therefore, the class contact is less intensive and more emphasis is on the student working at home on their assignments.

Previous students have found the workload fascinating and rewarding but also demanding in terms of reading and research. Students have commented that the Bachelor program demands more self discipline and self reliance and also better overall organisation of time so that the assignments are completed by the due date.

Full time studies are demanding but can be interwoven with part time work but it is suggested no more than 20 hours per week. It is important though to take breaks and do something completely different.  Studies have shown that more productive people take breaks and do things outside of studies.

The part time Bachelor is for those who work full time or who have more demanding responsibilities. The hours are flexible and two Subjects per semester is very manageable.