Phoenix Institute of Australia


Studying at Phoenix

Learning Through Experience

The philosophy at Phoenix is “learning in the doing”. The courses are therefore experiential through practical work, creativity, music and movement, lectures, group work, class discussion, demonstrations, tutorials, course notes and art materials.

There are many group activities and community building processes in the programs. Students are fully involved in their learning and are encouraged to explore and discover their own potentials and resources as counsellors and therapists in a supportive and creative environment.

The Advanced Diploma  and Degree courses train students to gain new skills and ideas that apply both to themselves and to their future clients. Students learn to explore the spectrum of consciousness and how it applies to their own lives and experience.

It is challenging and exciting work, as students learn to widen the lens through which they see themselves and the world around them. Through the course, students often access their own personal vision and gain confidence to live it.

What do students gain from studying at Phoenix?

• A deeper understanding of oneself and others

• A stronger sense of purpose and direction in life

• A greater access to personal resources

• Life skills for managing transitions

• Personal healing and a greater sense of self

• A deepening of relationships and personal expression

• A supportive network and community beyond the course

• Practical experience